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Mcee here. '93 liner. Proud to be Filipino at heart
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OT5 SHINee, OT6 BEAST, OT7 Infinite
frisk away ~

I was not supposed to get this but I can’t resist. Pictures are really pretty too.

happy new year everyone! stay healthy and stay awesome

from this side of the world :)

And my growing collection. Someone still owes me 2 albums :)
Making everyone jealous. Book was given from a friend and the first was half bought by me and friend

i miss shinee so much. they’re not like who they were before. they definitely improved performance wise but not as engaging as before. i’m trying to fill the void with infinite and dramas but it’s not enough. ugh. i miss them.

you know who’s a really pretty actor with good acting skills? him. Yoon Si Yoon. Was initially watching Me Too Flower (also called I’m a Flower too) because Lee Ki Kwang is in it (and you know how i like to see his face on dramas) and because i was doing my chem project overnight and i had to stay awake all night. Man, this drama is better than i expected. YSY’s acting is amazing especially with his expressive eyes. Writing of the story and the delivery of the lines are great too. Currently watching and waiting for the subs of ep.8 instead of studying for finals. lololol. Watching this drama along side Flower Boy Ramyun (i have to admit it, FBR is my current drama drug)
look at what my friend gave me :)

i was never a real sone but the “THE BOYS" IS AMAZING. i don’t know what’s wrong with people on youtube and commenting that it was bad. it’s the best one i heard from them because they weren’t acting cute

isn’t it like a basic law in kpop fandom to not compare groups?

i seriously want the Lucifer Japanese album can someone buy it for me? /sob i’ll be broke. why is being a fan so hard

they grow up so fast ♥
say hello to my new best friends, mr. mint and mr. orange. both from Body Shop :)